Lorna Reid Photography

"EXPERIENCE all things with the enthusiasm of a child, as if you were seeing it for the FIRST time."

Growing up I can remember my mom snapping Polaroid photos at just about every family event . (From Holidays to Birthday Parties to Sport Events and BBQ's in the backyard)
We would pose and she would shoot; Remembering anxiously what the photo would look like as the Polaroid image appeared right before our very eyes.

It's that same wonderment that excites me today when I shoot with my Digital Camera. Special events, portraits, land & cityscapes in the great outdoors or just an interesting texture or thing that catches my eye.

Why don't you relax at your event and LET ME TELL YOUR STORY~
Those candid moments you're sure to remember for a lifetime...

Still Life is always moving….

Lorna Reid - Event / Portrait
Digital Photographer
Dayton, NJ
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